• Publié le : 22-03-2024

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For several years now, Agrisud has been working with the Viengkham District Bureau of Agriculture and Forestry, and the Viengkham District Bureau of Environment and Natural Resources, with the dual aim of improving people's living conditions and preserving natural resources.

Agrisud's latest film tells the story of how this collaboration has led to real dynamics of change, thanks to participatory territorial planning and the implementation of micro-projects.

A shared understanding of the area: the key to identifying challenges

In the Viengkham District, there are many issues at stake: a landlocked mountainous area that is difficult to access, depletion of natural resources, agriculture in decline...
To find solutions adapted to the needs of all stakeholders in the area, a participatory mapping exercise was carried out with the support of Agrisud, involving land users (farms, etc.), technical services and authorities.
This work has enabled a development plan to be drawn up and implemented by village committees through environmental micro-projects. The District supports them in this..

Simple, concrete actions to meet the challenges 

In the village of Mokkha, cited as an example in the film, 6 micro-projects have been set up with concrete actions such as tree planting, the introduction of agro-ecological practices, the creation of a collective orchard...
These actions, based on agro-ecology, help to protect resources and improve farming systems in a sustainable way. 
Innovative industries have also been developed around cattle rearing and the marketing of non-timber forest products, thereby promoting the economic growth of the region.

The film lets you discover this work through images and testimonials.


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This film was produced as part of the FORAE* project and the AGRITER programme**.

*Forestry and agro-ecology in the mountain zone of northern Laos

** Sustainable Agriculture and Dynamics of the Territories