• Publié le : 15-03-2024

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The Siem Reap Agricultural Fair, held every year in the first quarter, has become a not-to-be-missed event in Cambodia. 
Since 2014, Agrisud, GRET and the Ministry of Commerce have co-organized this event to support local agriculture and develop sustainable food systems in Siem Reap Province.

Agroecological products on the rise at the Siem Reap Fair

Recognition of agroecological products has grown over the years, as the "Green Farmers Siem Reap" can testify. This group of 403 small farms on the outskirts of town has seen its stand at the fair grow from year to year.

Vue de la Foire de Siem Reap en février 2024

With the support of Agrisud*, the "Green Farmers Siem Reap" have developed an offer ranging from fresh produce (fruit, vegetables) to processed products (juices, spices, etc.) and essential oils, which they sell in short circuits to markets, restaurants and local stores. New this year: a presentation of their rice alcohol.

For the "Green Farmers Siem Reap", the agricultural fair is an opportunity to promote their know-how in agro-ecology and the quality of their products to consumers and professionals alike. The demonstrations, tastings and games they organize on their stands are all pretexts for discussing with visitors the importance of "consuming local and healthy". The success of their project is also a source of inspiration for farmers looking for ideas or advice on how to improve their farming practices.

stand des Green Farmers Siem Reap à la foire agricole

Among the personalities present at this year's Fair, Secretary of State for Commerce H.E. Moa Thora visited the "Green Farmers Siem Reap" stands, where he was able to appreciate the diversity of products, but above all the work carried out on processed products.

The Siem Reap agricultural fair is an ideal venue for showcasing local produce and strengthening local and national food distribution networks. Local family farms play a central role in this dynamic, to build a resilient and sustainable agricultural economy.


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