Board of directors

Portrait de Joël Lebreton
Joël Lebreton

Honorary chairman of Keolis Group

Portrait de Marc Gastambide
Marc Gastambide
Treasure and Secretary

Agronomist, former manager of the Federation of Regional Natural Parks

Portrait de Patrice Burger
Patrice Burger
Board member

Chairman and founder of CARI

Portrait de Alain Chamla
Alain Chamla
Board member

Chairman of Albert Ménès

Portrait de Christian de Perthuis
Christian de Perthuis
Board member

Economics professor at Dauphine-PSL and founder of the Climate Economics Chair

Portrait de Roland Ries
Roland Ries
Board member

Former mayor of Strasbourg and former chairman of Cités Unies France


Portrait d'Agnès Weil 
Agnès Weil 
Board member

Sustainable development director and general delegate of the Corporate Foundation at Club Med

Honorary chairmen

Portrait de Jacques Baratier
Jacques Baratier
Former chairman and founder of Agrisud and former CEO of Papeteries de Gascogne
portrait Robert Lion
Robert Lion
Former chairman of Agrisud and former general manager of the Caisse des Dépôts

Guidance board

Nouzha Alaoui  

Secretary general of the Mohammed VI Foundation for the Protection of the Environment (Morocco)

Sylvain Breuzard

Chairman of Norsys Group and former chairman of CJD

Michel Destot 

Former deputy and mayor of Grenoble

Pierre Ducret 

Controller-general and climate advisor, Caisse des Dépôts Group

Eric Dupont 

Gallery owner

Geneviève Férone-Creuzet 

Co-founder and chairwoman of Casabee

Jacques Godfrain 

Former French minister of international cooperation

Yvonnick Huet

Former managing director of Agrisud

Marianne Huve-Allard 

Head of brand and communication, BNP Paribas Asset Management 

Charles Josselin 

Former French minister of international cooperation

Sophie Lièvre

Managing director of Omoyé

Xavier Lièvre

Parnter notary at 14 Pyramides Notaires

Frédéric Pascal 

Former chairman of the Trust Charter Comittee

Virginie Seghers 

Chairwoman of Prophil, Economy & Philantropy 

Emmanuel Vasseneix 

Chairman of Laiterie Saint-Denis-de-l’Hôtel Group

Hubert Védrine 

Former French minister of foreign affairs

Stéphane Voisin 

Expert in responsible financing

Executive management & Head office team

Portrait de Elphège Ghestem Zahir
Elphège Ghestem Zahir
Chief Executive Officer
portrait Sylvain Deffontaines
Sylvain Deffontaines
Operations Director
Portrait de Didier Gensous
Didier Gensous
Administrative & Financial Director
Portrait de Karine Vial
Karine Vial
Communication Director
Portrait de Simon Baliteau
Simon Baliteau
AGRITER Program Manager
Portrait de Julie Terzian
Julie Terzian
DEFI Program Manager
Portrait de Claire Kieffer
Claire Kieffer
Knowledge management Officer
Portrait de Clément Vialade
Clément Vialade
Project Manager
Portrait de Nabil Boulahdit
Nabil Boulahdit
Administrative & Financial Assistant

Country representatives

Portrait de Picheth Seng
Picheth Seng
Portrait de Camille Moulène
Camille Moulène
Côte d'ivoire
Portrait de Sébastien Koumba
Sébastien Koumba
Portrait de Hérauld Museau
Hérauld Museau
Portrait de Khamphao Thongchanh
Khamphao Thongchanh
Portrait de Adrien Lepage
Adrien Lepage
Portrait de Imane Taaime
Imane Taaime
Portrait de Julien Boulle
Julien Boulle
Portrait de Louis-Etienne Diouf
Louis-Etienne Diouf
portrait Gregory Berke
Gregory Berke
Portrait Công Huy Lê
Công Huy Lê