We transfer our expert knowledge to strengthen the sector’s intervention capacity. 

Since 2010, Agrisud has implemented 51 learning cycles in 15 countries benefiting more than 460 organizations 

Our 4 learning cycles and their associated guides:

Promotion of agroecology

  • Understand agroecology and its economic, social and environmental dimensions
  • Understand the principles of sustainable management of agrosystems
  • Analyse a context of intervention, identify adapted agroecological practices
  • Be able to transmit these practices to VSEs

Associated guide: "Agroecology, best practices"
> Focusing on agroecological practices at the production units level
> Goal: to improve farming systems and practices

Management advising to very small family farming enterprises

  • Understand advising approach and basic notions of agricultural economics
  • Identify performance indicators for VSEs production activities
  • Be equipped to collect and process data related to VSEs results
  • Be able to analyze a VSE’s results and help in decision making

Associated guide: "Management advising to very small family farming enterprises (VSEs)"
> Focusing on the technico-economic results of the VSEs
> Goal: to improve farms management

Territorial projects for sustainable agriculture

  • Understand territories and stakeholders role
  • Identify interactions between VSEs and territories
  • Identify multi-actor/pluri-sector actions to facilitate and secure agroecological transition for territories
  • Be equipped to implement these actions

Associated guide: "Agriculture & Dynamics of the territories"
> Focusing on the interventions  at the territory level
​​​​​​​> Goal: to promote and secure farms development

"Successful VSEs" project management

  • Carry out a participatory diagnosis and write an intervention proposal to support the development of VSEs (PPO model, planning by objectives)  
  • Implement a support project for VSEs development 
  • Participate in project evaluation
  • Capitalize on methods and tools and communicate


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