We support in the North and in the South the change of practices and development policies.

Context / issue

The agricultural sector is strategic. It provides:

  • People’s food and nutrition security (70% of the world’s food is produced by family farming) 
  • Wealth and job creation (40% of the global labor force is engaged in agriculture-related activities) 
  • Preservation of natural resources (37% of land areas are agricultural land)
  • Mitigation and adaptation to climate change (reduction of carbon footprint…) 

In our fields of intervention, we defend sustainable family farming, based on agroecology, fair trade in value-chains and balance in the management of territorial resources.  


Through the production of thematic infographics, the organization of conferences, projections-debates, side events, information sessions in educational and training institutions, etc., we share our experiences and vision for behavior change.

Some of our awarness actions...

Visuel campagne de sensibilisation avec la RNA en 2022


Visuel expo photos avec le Département des Hauts-de-Seine en 2022








The organization of digital communication campaigns, the publication of opinion columns, the writing of position papers within the framework of our collectives, etc. enable us to share our expertise and work collectively for national and international public policies that promote the development of sustainable agriculture.