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Under the theme "Tourism, Innovation and Sustainable Territorial Development", these meetings were held from September 13 to 15 in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil. It was an opportunity for Agrisud to present the Green Farmers program carried out with Club Med, and more specifically the initiative underway in Bahia with the Gildasio association and the MST*.

Gisèle Porto, our local colaborator, took part in the "Heritage and gastronomy: how to promote innovation, culture and local agriculture" panel. She presented the Green Farmers program, which aims to connect family farms and tourist establishments, creating local and responsible supply chains. This program is now implemented in 7 countries with 11 Club Med vacation villages.

In Brazil, after starting in Rio in 2009, the experience has been duplicated in other Club Med villages: "Lake Paradise" in the state of São Paulo in 2018 and more recently "Trancoso" in the state of Bahia in 2021. In this last area, Agrisud is collaborating with the Gildasio association and the MST to work with vulnerable family farms.

For several months now, these farms have been supported in a professionalization process that includes training in agro-ecological practices, support for crop planning and the transfer of skills in managing commercial relations.
The results are encouraging: a diversified offer of quality agro-ecological products, 7.8 tons delivered and nearly 6,000 euros in revenue generated (compared with barely 1,000 euros in 2022).

Visite d'une délégation française sur le projet Agrisud-Club Med à Troncoso

On the last day of the event, a delegation including representatives of the French Embassy in Brazil, the Haut Languedoc Natural Park and the Federation of Regional Natural Parks of France went to the Trancoso site to meet the families and key stakeholders in the initiative.

* Landless Movement

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