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In 2022 Agrisud celebrated its 30th anniversary in France and in its countries of intervention. In Madagascar, the event took place on December 15, during a convivial evening organized with the teams and local partners. Here is a look back at this event which brought together more than 70 people around shared ambitions and values.

Allocution DG AFD à Madagascar 30 ans Agrisud

"AFD and Agrisud share the same strategic convergence. In other words, Agrisud carries subjects that represent important values shared by AFD on the ecological transition, on territorial approaches to local development and on the partnership approach." Mr Yves GUICQUERO, Managing Director of AFD Madagascar

Agrisud: a stakeholder in the agroecological transition 

In Madagascar, Agrisud has been using its expertise to support the sustainable development of Malagasy agriculture since 2008.
This was recalled by Adrien Lepage, Agrisud's representative in Madagascar, in his introduction to the evening. He went over the history of the NGO in the country and its intervention model at two levels: the VSEs and agricultural value-chains on the one hand, and the territories on the other. A pragmatic approach that has proven itself on the Grande île (Big Island):

  • 25,000 Very Small Enterprises (VSEs) supported 
  • 60 municipalities in 12 regions of intervention

Agrisud is well established in Madagascar, and over time has developed numerous collaborations in the private and public sectors, especially with the Ministries of Agriculture and Livestock, National Education, Land Management and Justice...

The actions carried out also contribute to the environment preservation with more than 2,500,000 trees planted.

Agrisud acteur de la transition agro-écologique

Results recognized by the partners

Several partners gave a speech to emphasize the relevance of Agrisud's actions to the issues encountered in the field. They also underlined the reliability and the unfailing commitment of its teams.

"Agrisud's virtuous approach of working on all the links of the value-chains is in line with the vision of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, because this is how we can positively impact our food systems. I am delighted to count Agrisud International among the Ministry's partners, as the projects we have carried out together have not only helped improve the quality of life of rural households but also preserve natural resources through the dissemination of sustainable agricultural practices. Agrisud is an essential partner." Mrs. Fanja RAHARINOMENA, Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of Madagascar

Des résultats reconnus par les partenaires - témoignages

Malagasy entrepreneurs who benefit from the projects' support were also attending the event. They enriched the testimonies by giving concrete examples of the results produced by Agrisud's activities in Madagascar.

"The collaboration with Agrisud has brought us many benefits. We thank all the people involved, from the technicians to the high officials, because you cooperate to develop Madagascar and to ensure the progress of the farmers... This improves our living conditions, from the family, the community, to the country level." Mrs. Lucie Odette RANIVOMALALA, farmer from the Itasy Region

This evening, which was intended to be above all convivial, continued with informal exchanges between the guests, gathered around a birthday cake. 

Soirée 30 Agrisud à Madagascar