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10/15/2018 inField news, Illustrate
Royal visit to the agroecology project in Marrakech’s Palm Grove

Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasna, chairwoman of the  Mohammed VI Foundation for Environmental Protection, met farmers supported by Agrisud and the Norsys Foundation as part of the component “inclusion of populations” in the Program of Safeguarding and Sustainable Development of the palm grove.


An agroecology project to strengthen and sustainably develop agricultural activities

Les agriculteurs de la palmeraie de Marrakech

3 farmers of the project and Imane Taaime, Director of the Norsys Foundation

Implemented by Agrisud and the Norsys Foundation, the project has enabled in pilot phase to support 49 farm families in improving the performances of their activities.

During her visit, HRH Princess Lalla Hasnaa met with four farmers who presented the main techniques implemented in the plots to improve production while preserving soil, agro-biodiversity and water.

In addition to the technical aspect, which allow to produce more and better, farmers have shown progress in the economic management of their activities for a better disposal of their products.

The implementation of simplified tools required literacy

Fouzia a témoigné de son parcours auprès de SAR la princesse Lalla Hasnaa

Fouzia and her husband Abdelaziz

courses that Fouzia attended, therefore she could testify of her journey with HRH Princess Lalla Hasnaa. After taking these literacy classes on her husband’s encouragement, she can now support him in the management and development of their farm.

Professional farmers committed to the sustainable management of the Marrakech’s palm grove

Les produits agro-écologiques saisonniers des agriculteurs de la palmeraie de Marrakech
This agroecology pilot project also supported farmers in the commericalization process of their products. By offering seasonal products adapted to the climate and conditions of the region, they actively participate in the protection and sustainable management of the palm grove of Marrakech.

The farmers displayed their marketing tools and presented to HRH Princess Lalla Hasnaa the sales actions they implemented.

Logo, brochure and video presentation, etc. all these useful communication and prospection tools add value to outils de communication et de prospection des agriculteurs de la palmeraie de Marrakechtheir sales offer made for different clients such as hoteliers, riads , etc.

This visit, based on representative sites of the Program of Safeguarding and Development of the palm grove of Marrakech, provided an overview of its progress. The various personalities and partners present were able to appreciate the professionalism of the producers.

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