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07/18/2019 inField news, Illustrate
Fecal sludge management for agricultural use in Siem Reap – Cambodia

Agrisud carried out a preliminary study for the Siem Reap fecal sludge project with the support of SIA, an engineering consulting firm specializing in sanitation,

This study includes several aspects (agronomic, economic, sociological …) and its results demonstrate the potential of valorizing sludge as natural fertilizer face to the high needs of peri-urban agriculture.


Many actors involved in the agricultural valorization of sludge in Siem Reap

The Municipality of Siem Reap will benefit and will be involved in the development of its sludge processing industry into agricultural fertilizer. On one hand, the aim is to improve public health (fecal sludge management), and on the other hand, to develop a supply chain (organic fertilizer).

Under the project management of Siem Reap Province, the study was carried by Agrisud with the support of SIA. It was co-financed by the International Association of French Mayors (AIMF), the Interdepartmental Syndicate for the Sanitation of the Paris Urban Agglomeration (SIAAP), the Seine-Normandy Water Agency (AESN) and the Hauts-de-Seine Department.

Producing humus from sludge treatment

Produire de l’humus issu du traitement des boues de vidangeFollowing the study results, a recommendation has been made to implement a sludge processing station to produce humus.

The strengths of this solution:

  • the problems of the existing wastewater treatment plant are solved (draining solid organic waste)
  • the sludge treatment is implemented according to Cambodia laws
  • this solution is economically feasible for Siem Reap City
  • the agricultural sector is strengthened thanks to an highly expected product
  • the effectiveness of this innovative technology for sewage sludge has already been proved in Europe
  • the environment is preserved: no smell, no pollution …

Based on this study, the project will enter its operational phase in the coming months.