Local Economy against Poverty

An exhibition highlights 18 families of producers in Ghassate (Ouarzazate)

[Morocco, July 2016]

On the occasion of the assessment of the pilot phase of the project “Sustainable enhancement of the farming sector performances” led by Agrisud in Ghassate near Ouarzazate, a photo exhibition highlights 18 of the 119 families involved.

This project has been implementing for 2 years with the support of MASEN, the Moroccan Agency for Solar Energy, which aims to promote local development around the solar complex area that it has put in place in Ouarzazate. The ORMVAO, the Norsys foundation, families and local actors and Ghassate municipality are the main partners.

In a context where agriculture is difficult especially because of limited access to productive natural resources (water and soil), a threatened biodiversity but also a labour shortage due to a high rate of migration, these 119 farms now generate sustainable income for about 1000 people.

Thanks to a professionalization plan, producers indeed strengthen their business management knowledge and agroecological practices that improve productivity while preserving the environment. Agrisud also guide them to local markets to find there the best opportunities to sustain their business.

The exhibition will become itinerant at various events related to the COP22.