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Guide “Agriculture and Dynamics of the Territories” (2020)

How to act on the environment of the farms, in its institutional, economical and geogaphical dimensions in order to achieve the agroecological transition at a territorial level ?

This video presents the approach and the guide “Agriculture and Dynamics of the territories” produced by Agrisud International on the basis of more than 25 years of experience in socioeconomical dynamics in the Southern countries.

This guide was released in the framework of the the AGRITER Program (Agriculture and territorial dynamics) supported among others by the AFD and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

Find out more: www.agrisud.org

Guide “Agriculture et Dynamiques de territoires” (2020) – FR

Comment agir sur l’environnement des exploitations, dans ses dimensions institutionnelle, économique et géographique pour que la transition agro-écologique s’opère à l’échelle des territoires ?

Cette vidéo présente la démarche et le guide “Agriculture et Dynamiques de territoires” réalisé par Agrisud International sur la base de plus de 25 ans d’expériences en renforcement des dynamiques socio-économiques dans pays du Sud.

Ce guide a été produit dans le cadre du Programme AGRITER (Agriculture et dynamiques Territoriales) soutenu entre autre par l’Agence française de développement et la Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

En savoir plus : www.agrisud.org

Commercialization and sustainable agricultural in Cambodia

Through numerous testimonies you understand how the establishment of the producers association “The Green Farmers” is part of an entrepreneurial approach and how it responds to the challenges of sustainable agriculture, food and nutritional security and economic development at the scale of the territory.

This response is part of the decentralized cooperation project “Agro-ecological intensification and diversification of agriculture”, between the Hauts-de-Seine Department and the city of Siem Reap.


Watch the video in Khmer/English

Watch the Khmer/English video trailer 

Sustainable agriculture and territorial dynamics in Madagascar

The networks of Master Farmers (MEx) help to professionalize farmers, they are part of a multi-stakeholder approach and meet the challenges of sustainable agriculture, food security and economic development on a regional scale thanks to their significant multiplier effect.

This initiative is part of the “Mahavotra” decentralized cooperation project between the New Aquitaine Region and the Itasy Region.


Watch the video trailer (in French)

Watch the video in Malagasy

Professionalization of peri-urban agricultural value chains, in Madagascar – episode 2

In this video you will follow the establishment of a short circuit from the peasants to the markets. The various people interviewed testify to the benefits of this new organization in the sector, in particular the consumers of Antananarivo who access agro-ecological products, fresh and healthy.

This project is part of the Support program for Agroforestry around Antananarivo – ASA, funded by the European Union.

Learn more about the PROFAPAN* project

* Professionalization of peri-urban agricultural sectors

Professionalization of peri-urban agricultural value chains, in Madagascar – episode 1

This video retraces the progress of the PROFAPAN * project through testimonials from “leading farmers”, called Master Farmers (MEx), trained in agroecological techniques. The MEx network makes it possible to disseminate good agricultural and animal husbandry practices on a sustainable basis in the 33 municipalities concerned.

This project is part of the Support program for Agroforestry around Antananarivo – ASA, funded by the European Union.

Learn more about the PROFAPAN project

Find out more about Master Farmers (MEx) (video in french)

* Professionalization of peri-urban agricultural sectors

Entrepreneurial initiatives in farming services (INES) – Ghassate (Morocco)

This video was produced as part of the INES program initiated by the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, supported by MASEN (Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy) and implemented by Agrisud, the Norsys Foundation and the ORMVAO.

The aim of this project was to promote the entrepreneurship of rural young people in Ghassate through the creation of economic activities at the service of family farms in this area (fruit-tree pruning, product purchase and resale…).

The coaching process enabled the start of 5 activities and continues as part of the project « Sustainable enhancement of the farming sector performances » in Ghassate, with the support of MASEN, Acwa Power, AFD.

Forestry and Agroecology Farming – Madagascar

The first phase of the “Forestry and agroecology farming – Mahavotra ” project has come to an end.
The movie shows the project activities and results, from supply chains and family-size farming businesses reinforcement to environmental footprint measure.

Food Security and Climate Change – Madagascar

Malagasy farmers have opted for agroecology.

The film made by the Institute for Research and Development (IRD) and The French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM) shows the joint action from research organizations and development NGOs targeted to climate change in relation to food security.

Agrisud International, GoodPlanet Foundation and Etc Terra have been developing the agroecology and forestry project in Madagascar” since 2011 in the Itasy region in partnership with AMADESE (malagasy NGO) the Radio Isotope Laboratory of Antananarivo (LRI), the Institute of Research and Development (IRD) and the Institute and Observatory of Geophysics from Antananarivo (IOGA).

The project is funded by the French Development Agency, Aquitaine Region and Star’s Service Group.

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