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Agricultural Show in Paris: Roundtable on agroecological intensification and climate change

Sylvain Berton, our Director of Operations, spoke on Friday 27 February, during the 2015 Agriculture Show, at the round table on “agroecological intensification and climate change” organized by the CIRAD and AFD.

Agrisud International brought its experience in implementing systems and agroecological practices in the South (Africa, Asia and the Caribbean).

Sylvain Berton stressed the importance of taking into account four key elements for the promotion of agroecology:

  • Promoting complementarity of action between the plot scale, operation and territory (landscape);
  • Addressing resilience at agroclimatic and socioeconomic levels;
  • Taking into account the concepts of change and transition paths of agricultural systems from“conventional” to agroecological;
  • Contextualizing practices that would be validated before publication: relevance, adaptation, accessibility for producers and ecological benefits (limited pressure on resources and involvement in the mitigation of climate change’s participating factors).

The organizers of the roundtable were:

  • Krishna NAUDIN, CIRAD, conservation agriculture
  • Anne LEGILE, AFD, Agriculture Division, rural development and biodiversityTableronde3

The stakeholders were:

  • Michel GRIFFON, father of the Doubly Green Revolution
  • Philippe BARET, a researcher at the University of Leuven working on the transformation of agricultural systems
  • Mickaël POILLION, a farmer in the Pas-de-Calais strongly committed to sustainable farming systems
  • Sylvain BERTON, Agrisud International, Director of Operations

You missed it? Here is the link to listen to the discussions during the roundtable: http://video.cirad.fr/videos/2015_02_sia/27fev15-11h30.mp3