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Promoting agroecolgy in Guinea-Bissau

Agrisud supports and trains SWISSAID teams (Swiss NGOs) in their project to build a skills development center in agroecology. During the 2nd training session, which took place in September 2017, a communication action was organized to promote agroecology at national level.

A specific learning cycle to strengthen field partners’ skills

Formation en agroécologie en Guinée-BissauIn order to develop a sustainable agriculture in Guinea-Bissau, SWISSAID has undertaken to strengthen the know-how of its field partners in order to organize an agroecology skills center. This hub aims to support local family farms and professional organizations in the implementation of their agricultural activities.

As part of the project “Strengthening partners’ abilities in agroecology to serve food security and to fight against poverty in rural areas (Phase I)”, Agrisud carries out training and follow-up activities (about 20 members are concerned).

A specific learning cycle called “Management advice for sustainable agriculture” was designed to meet these special needs. The training which consist of 3 sessions, deals with both agro-ecological techniques and management advice (measuring results of agricultural activities and feedbacks to the producers).

A national day to promote agroecology at a territorial level

SWISSAID wishes to bring agroecology with the supported family farms as well as public policy. Thus, Agrisud took part in the panel discussion which was held during the national day of agroecology.

Journée de l'Agroécologie en Guinée Bissau, septembre 2017Sylvain Berton, the Operations Director, explained the challenges of this agriculture approach and how it contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Major international initiatives that are in line with its promotion (4 for 1,000, the AAA and Land Degradation Neutrality) were also presented.

The skills center is continuing its training program for a better field intervention in terms of transmission of agro-ecological practices and measurement of results.
The agroecology day, met a great enthusiasm from the participants. “A very welcome initiative in Guinea”, says the director of INPA, the National Institute for Agricultural Production in Bissau.

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