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12/21/2016 inRead and Watch, Illustrate
Forest preservation in Madagascar: our teams interviewed by Le Figaro

Marielle Court, a reporter for environmental and climate issues at Le Figaro, traveled to Madagascar to visit the site of the Holistic Forest Conservation Program (PHCF), a program jointly led by Etc Terra, WWF and Agrisud International. During her visits to the field, she met Thierry Duplan, our project manager.

conservation-foret-agrisud-2Deforestation is a major problem in Madagascar, whose forests and its biodiversity are dramatically disappearing. Several actions are being taken within this project, which aims to reconcile forest conservation and food security.

“If agriculture is not the only responsible [...] it does play an important role”, therefore providing the best support to communities is a significant challenge to ensure their own future as well as the one of their natural heritage.

Agrisud precisely act on the agricultural dimension, which consists in training local people to other production methods than burning, which destroy the forest.

conservation-foret-agrisud-3The aim is to use sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative practices, which at the same time promote the development of economic activities. Thierry Duplan explains the difficulty these populations may encounter in moving towards a more sedentary lifestyle.

This program is financed by the French Development Agency (AFD), the French Global Environment Facility (FFEM) and Air France.

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