Local Economy against Poverty

07/28/2011 inAgrisud’s, Field news
For food security in Laos
Laos-Viengham-2Agrisud has been implementing since the early 2010 food security project in the district of Viengkham, Luang Prabang province in Laos.
The project “Food security for women and rural poor” is financed by the European Union, France Volonteer and Agrisud.

In July 2011 the results are:

En juillet 2011 les résultats sont les suivants :

  • 25 villages affected
  • 476 farm families supported by the project (gardening and pig and poultry farms)
  •  10 villages with gravity systems of water supply
  •  13 villages supported to carry out their plan of occupation and territorial development (partnership with the IRD-CIFOR-NAFRI)

Laos-Viengham-3The project, to be ended in December 2011, is led by the team in collaboration with the Agrisud PAFO / SWOT (Agricultural Services in Luang Prabang province and district), the DHO and Nam Saat (office health and water), the DLMA Authority (Land Management) and the Lao Women’s Union.