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Pepper and bio-fair spices supply chain professionalization – Sao Tome e Principe

saotomeThe islands of Sao Tome e Principe have directed their development towards food-crop growing but also the promotion of quality products export (cocoa, coffee and pepper).

In this context, the goal is to promote CEPIBA Cooperative (500 farmers), sustainable production of quality organic pepper. This production responds to agroecological systems and practices.

The purpose of the project is also to set-up a fair supply chain supplying the export and local markets.

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Learning cycle promoting agroecological practices

saotomeAgrisud has a constant focus on boosting the action capacities of NGOs, organizations, professional groups, and also those of its own projects’ teams. Transfers of skills are made via « learning cycles ».

Promoting agroecological practices

Based on the “Agroecology in Practice” guide (Agrisud, 2010), this course helps participants learn these practices. 
It is based on transferring methods and tools to:

Understand agroecology and its economic, social and environmental dimensions;
Understand the sustainable management of a farming system;
Analyze the context of operation and identify the appropriate 
agroecological practices;
Be able to spread these practices.

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