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Sustainable agriculture and farming supply chain professionalization in Mayombe – Bas-Congo province – Lukula and Tshela territories


The purpose of the project is to fight poverty in rural areas affected by climate change and deforestation.

The food security of the people living in these areas can be improved and local markets can be supplied thanks to a sustainable increase of agricultural production (food crops, coffee, market gardening and small breeding) and with a strong marketing.

Thus there will be a better environmental management of productive spaces.


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Support to inputs and fishing equipments commercialization – Muanda coastal area – Bas Congo province

MuandaIn Muanda’s coastal area in the Bas-fleuve District, Province of Bas-Congo, fishing is the only income-generating activity.

After a first action from 2010 to 2012 to improve the marketing of fishing goods on urban markets (Boma, Matadi, Kimpese and Kinshasa), Agrisud now supports the Muanda Fishing Association Coordination Agency (CAPM) to set up a supply of inputs and fishing gears.

An input and fishing gear shop will be open for the benefit of the CAPM’s 1500 members.


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Support to producers in the implementation of improved units of palm oil extraction in DR Congo

Huile de palmeThe objective of this project is six months to sustainably improve the incomes of small farms Lukula and Tshela in the District of Lower Congo DR Congo, for the implementation of improved oil extraction units palm.

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Support to coffee producers project in the sustainable recovery of the small Kwilu coffee sector – DR Congo

Taille cafeThe objective of this one-year project is the sustainable increase of agricultural production (polyculture food, coffee Petit Kwilu) and strengthening marketing channels, in the interests of better environmental management of productive spaces, in the territories of Lukula Tshela and the District of Lower Congo DR Congo.

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Supporting sustainable development of farming activities and value chains in Luozi, Bas-Congo Province

CamionLuoziV2The Territory Luozi is a very rural and populated area. Farming activities occupy the majority of the people. 60% of the local production (cassava, groundnuts, maize, beans...) is intended for markets in large cities of Bas-Congo and Kinshasa.

The project’s goals are to:

  • Strengthen systems and farming practices by promoting agroecology among 2,000 farming families.
  • Develop animal traction and create Professional Groupings for Animal Traction (GPTA).
  • Improve marketing conditions to facilitate the supply of large cities (rural markets, trails and bridges, supporting transports)
  • Promote income-generating activities in the livestock production sector (goats, pigs and poultry) and the handicraft production of palm oil.

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Supporting sustainable development of agriculture value chains in North Kivu, North Kivu Province

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Learning cycle promoting agroecological practices



Agrisud has a constant focus on boosting the action capacities of NGOs, organizations, professional groups, and also those of its own projects’ teams.

Transfers of skills are made via « learning cycles ».


Promoting agroecological practices


Based on the “Agroecology in Practice” guide (Agrisud, 2010), this course helps participants learn these practices. 
It is based on transferring methods and tools to: 


  • Understand agroecology and its economic, social and environmental dimensions;
  • Understand the sustainable management of a farming system;
  • Analyze the context of operation and identify the appropriate agroecological practices;
  • Be able to spread these practices.


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