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Establishment of a locals supply chains for fresh products

Mise en place de filières locales d’approvisionnement en produits fraisSince late 2008, Club Med and Agrisud International have been collaborating to improve the contribution of holiday villages to local economic development.

The co-developed solution therefore consists in strengthening local supply chains on a win-win principle:

  • Club Med villages benefit from quality agro-ecological products, traceability and, ultimately, a positive image valued by their customers;
  • family farms are improving their practices in order to have quality products, in quantity and regularity, and benefit from a new sales channel (improvement in income).

Since the start of 2019, the villages of Albion and Pointe aux Canonniers, on Mauritius, have been part of this process. The development of new agricultural practices that are more respectful of the environment are in line with the national strategies in force on the island.

This action contributes to 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals:

Contribution of Club Med to the Sustainable Development Goals

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