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Promoting Territorialized Agricultural Value-chains – PROFIT Abidjan

flieres-territorialisées-abidjanFamily food-producing farming at the periphery of Abidjan contributes to reaching food security in the economic capital city and has a commercial vocation.

However, it is threatened because of: a growing urbanization, a decrease in yields, health and environmental risks linked to the overuse of pesticides and herbicides, a lack of supporting systems...

Manioc is one of the main profitable farmings in Ivory Coast. However, hand-made or semi-industrial processing units of manioc into attiéké   (fermented manioc semolina), have low technical and economical performances.


It is within this context that Agrisud takes action, in close collaboration with the authorities of the Autonomous District of Abidjan (ADA), as a part of the PROFIT Abidjan project.

This pilot project, which  is part of the AGRITER programme phase II (2021-2023),
takes place in 2 villages from ADA : Adattié and Abiaté 2.

It aims to reinforce the economic and social dynamics conducted by the stakeholders of the territory in order to:

  • conceive and implement projects for a sustainable agriculture at a territorial scale, about the food-producing and local attiéké value-chains
  • support the food-producing farms in their agroecological transition
  • reinforce the performances of processing units
  • develop knowledge and know-how in the territory through transfering skills, awareness and advocacy actions

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Promotion of sustainable peri-urban agriculture in 5 pilot towns — Abidjan

Historically, Abidjan’s urban and periurban agriculture has always been dynamic. However, it is facing some challenges. The low soil fertility, the depletion and pollution of water resources and the rise of parasites pressure are jeopardizing farming activities that could create income for thousands of families.

This pilot project’s goal is to reinforce the agroecological skills of 25 farming technicians from 15 Ivory professional organizations and NGOs. It supports the creation of a network uniting 90 pilot market gardeners.

They will be able to spread practices and systems to 500 other farmers in Abidjan’s 10 different production sites in 5 towns.

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Reinforcement of municipal expertise in remodeling unhealthy zones in Abidjan and Cotonou


Cotonou and Abidjan suffer from unhealthy intra-urban areas and are having trouble developing sustainably. Therefore, the goal is to enhance the municipal teams’ and their partners’ know-how on urban planning so they can apply it to two pilot locations in each city. The methods and tools used are capitalized and transferred to other municipal teams in Benin, Ivory Coast and the sub-region.

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