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Implementation of socio-eco-responsible channels – Guilin

Mise en place de filières socio-éco-responsables GuilinSince late 2008, Club Med and Agrisud International have been collaborating to improve the contribution of holiday villages to local economic development.

The objective of the project is to develop responsible tourism that further contributes to poverty reduction by empowering local communities through the appropriation of agroecology, as well as by improving their traditional know-how. and their business skills.

A first diagnostic step, in October 2017, made it possible to analyze the market and assess the feasibility on the site of the Guilin holiday village. A connection then enabled the various stakeholders to express their interest and establish close collaboration for the project which was launched in early 2019.

This action contributes to 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals:

Contribution of Club Med to the Sustainable Development Goals

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