Local Economy against Poverty

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Our approach

Our approach

Our approach is to create the necessary environment for the sustainability of agricultural family VSE by:

  • 97-GABONPerforming, at the start, a complete diagnostic of feasibility;
  • Organizing professionalization;
  • Helping the creation/strengthening of the VSE;
  • Structuring the branches from the production to the marketing.

For this purpose we rely on:

  • 19-LAOSOur socio-economical and technical expertise (agriculture, valorization of natural resources…), in an agro ecological approach;
  • Our expertise in farming business management and the structuring of branches and territories;
  • Our savoir faire in terms of actors’ mobilization (local actors, NGOs, authorities…)

12-MADAOur valuable proposition is centered on two offers:

    • The conception and achievement of programs of agricultural VSE creation;
    • Trainings (agro ecology, project management…), advices in territory development and farming branches.

Therefore, thanks to Agrisud’s approach, at a village, a town or a territory scale, real changes can happen for the benefit of the poorest populations, while improving the families’ and local markets’ food security – in quantity and quality.