Local Economy against Poverty

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Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development


Focusing our approach on the person

The purpose of our actions is, first of all, to get people from poverty to economical and social autonomy, by mobilizing all the economy’s competencies to offer sustainable solutions.

27-SENEGALPromoting equality between men and women

We provide special attention to the role of women and their involvement into economic life. The aim is to better take into account their interests, and thus to reduce inequalities between women and men.

103-CAMBODGEProtecting the natural environment through agro-ecology

By combining a set of practices adapted to local resources and constraints, agro-ecology preserves ecosystems, fights against deforestation and improves the resilience to climate change. All this while seeking economic performance.

57-LAOSContributing to food security

Farming VSEs supply families and local markets in fresh quality produces like fruits, vegetables, food crops or livestock. The people’s nutritional balance is improving, while food import is decreasing.

CS-2Transferring our savoir faire

We engage local organizations into our actions’ implementation. Therefore, these operational partners have the capacity to sustain the actions and, little by little, support themselves the sustainable development of local socioeconomics.