Local Economy against Poverty

03/26/2014 inField news, Illustrate

Madagascar has a great biodiversity but its natural capital is threatened by deforestation. About 50 000 hectares of its natural forest disappear every year. These ecosystems are particularly threatened by traditional agricultural techniques such as slash-and-burn cultivation. They are practiced by isolated local communities, who are increasingly vulnerable and for whom exploiting forest resources is the only way to subsistence. The aim of the Holistic Program of Forest Preservation in Madagascar (or PHCF in French) is to reduce the rhythm…...read more

03/19/2014 inRead and Watch

Ce document présente une synthèse du colloque « L’agroécologie, une pratique d’avenir », qui s’est tenu le 8 avril 2013 au Palais du Luxembourg à Paris. Lire la Synthese du colloque...read more

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This UN initiative’s aim is to improve the image of small and family farming. The objectives are to focus the world’s attention on their contribution to the eradication of poverty and hunger but also the improvement of food security, nutrition and livelihood. The topics of natural resources’ management, the protection of environment and sustainable development, especially in rural areas, will also be highlighted. Agrisud has been supporting the development of family farming for over 20 years. This year 2014 will…...read more

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The 24th february 2014, the 4th International Symposium on Sustainable Tourism was held in Agadir. During this event, the Club Med was rewarded for the Project Igran n’Asni, implemented with Agrisud and its Moroccan partner, the Norsys Foundation. It received the Trophy for Morroco Responsible Tourism – in the thematic « Economical and Social Development » and the « International » category. Since 2010, Agrisud, the Norsys Foundation and the Club Med have led a project of professionalization of fruit farms and valorization of…...read more

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Some of Agrisud’s Haitian partners since 2011, organizations such as IPAP, OJDA and GPBB, have proved to be essential actors in the local development. Each of them gather about 50 to 70 members in the Peletan, Acul Jeannot and Bory areas. Those are three priority areas targeted by town halls to establish food security and fight against poverty programs. Thanks to the project, supported by the Aquitaine Region and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they have mobilized their members…...read more

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In December 2013, Agrisud launched its first crowdfunding on Kisskissbankbank’s platform, in order to support the Medoc Hive, a future incubator of small horticultural businesses. A crowdfunding is a collaborative way of financing projects through the mobilization of social networks. The success of this first campaign reminds us, once again, how much Agrisud’s project responds to a social and societal demand. It was a first for the NGO and will definitely not be the last! Agrisud has created a support…...read more

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In January 2011, Agrisud and the Hauts-de-Seine General Council started the “Siem Reap peri-urban agriculture diversification” project. The aim being to help small farmers and improve marketing and farming techniques as well as production diversification. Between 2011 and 2013, 320 small farms were therefore supported in the villages of Krabei Real and Puok, in Siem Reap’s periphery, a very touristic area thanks to the Angkor temples. In March 2013, a cooperation agreement was signed between the Siem Reap Province and…...read more

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In September 2013, Agrisud organized a learning cycle for the establishment and spreading of agro-ecological systems and practices in Grand Popo, Benin. Today, the same Beninese participants take the initiative of creating the ReBPA (Beninese Network for the Promotion of Agro-ecology), proof of a interesting dynamic arising from the learning cycle! In South Benin, family farming is subject to many constraints: difficult climate and physical conditions, low levels of productivity of earth and work, limited access to land. In order…...read more

11/25/2013 inAgrisud’s, Illustrate

On the occasion of World Food Day, we reaffirm that all of us at Agrisud, do not accept the idea that today nearly one and a half billion people can live in a situation of poverty, most often with great difficulty to feed daily. The South and the North, we know that poverty is due in particular to the economic exclusion , for multiple reasons, which itself gradually causes social exclusion. We believe that answers to this situation is to bring these…...read more

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