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2017, a year marked by: the anniversary of the 25 years of commitment of our NGO the reassertion of our missions and the enrichment of our approach a 5-year project with the renewed goal of providing sustainable solutions to poverty by supporting territories in their agro-ecological transition A redesigned visual identity and a Manifesto to carry our values and messages Discover the report in French, soon released in English! more

Agrisud et 3 ONG partenaires (AVSF, CARI et Gret) regroupées au sein du GTAE - Groupe de Travail sur les Transitions Agroéocologiques, s’impliquent activement dans l’essor de l’agroécologie, un enjeu incontournable de l’agriculture. Leur initiative : construire un référentiel d’évaluation fiable et objectif, jusqu’ici jamais mis en place. Pour cela, elles ont jeté les bases d’une première méthode (projet CALAO) et organisé un atelier participatif en décembre 2017. Une centaine d’acteurs du secteur y ont participé pour construire ensemble une méthode et des outils communs.… more

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(Français) L’Institut de recherche pour le développement (IRD) a célébré en mai ses 70 ans de présence à Madagascar. Une série d’événements a été organisée pour l’occasion à Antananarivo en partenariat avec le ministère malgache de l’Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche scientifique (MESUPRES). Agrisud, un des principaux promoteurs de l’agroécologie à Madagascar, a été sollicitée pour intervenir à 2 tables-rondes sur les grands enjeux globaux et nationaux de l’agriculture. . Agroécologie : produire plus et mieux Comme toute innovation dans… more

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The French Committee for International Solidarity (CFSI), of which Agrisud is a member, held a seminar in April in Paris to share the results of the program "Coopérer autrement en Acteur du Changement" (CAAC), which has been running for 4 years. This event was co-organized with the AFD, which supported this program as well as the Fondation Abbé Pierre. It took place in 2 phases: a feedback workshop for CFSI members and partners, and round tables open to the general… more

(Français) Dans le cadre d’un programme soutenu par le FIDA à Sao Tomé e Principe, Agrisud a été sollicitée pour appuyer la réalisation d’un guide pratique de production de poivre biologique. Cet outil pédagogique a été finalisé fin 2017. Soutenir la petite agriculture commerciale pour lutter contre la pauvreté La réalisation de ce guide pratique s’inscrit dans le Programme d’appui à la petite agriculture commerciale (PAPAC). Ce programme lutte contre la pauvreté et l’insécurité alimentaire à Sao Tomé e Principe… more

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Agrisud attended the Paris International Agricultural Show, which took place this year from February 24th to March 4th, to speak about agro-ecological transitions and to promote its crowdfunding project. . AFD-CIRAD conference: "Agroecology: a solution for the agricultural transition in the global South?" The two institutions have collaborated to inform the public on the issue of agroecology in the countries of the South, and how it changes our approach to agriculture in the North as in the South. Agrisud and its… more

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Become an Actor of one of our projects! Agrisud launches a crowdfunding campaign from February 16th to April 1st on Miimosa crowdfunding web site. The project aims to support family and agroecological agriculture. More specifically, it is about adapting the practical guide "Management advice for family-size farming businesses", designed by Agrisud in 2015, to the Asian context and audiences. It will also enable to implement training courses better adapted to these countries. By participating, you become an ACTOR and empower small… more

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"This Cicid marks progress on specific points but remains unclear on many other topics and marks a worrying turning point on the migration issue." On February 8 was held the first Interministerial Committee for International Development Cooperation (Cicid) of the quinquennat, under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Edouard Philippe. Coordination Sud, shares its reactions to the conclusions of this assembly: "International solidarity: should we have a close or far look at the government's proposal?" (in french) Highly anticipated by civil society, 73 NGOs including Agrisud… more

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"This book is based on the testimonies of women and men from all professions and from all continents. They call on civil and trade union organizations, public institutions, businesses and every citizen to walk the paths of the human economy." RIEH (International Network for a Human Economy) Prefaces of Kofi Annan, Enrique Iglesias and Christiane Hessel They act for a human economy a range of brave human economy initiatives around the world Values and foundations of human economy proposals to change practices… more

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