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Nastia Mateus Issa, agricultural support technician from the periphery of the Gilé National Reserve, Mozambique.
conseil de gestion agricole mozambique

“My name is Nastia Mateus Issa, a native of Gurué. I did my studies at the agrarian institute of Gurué. I also did an internship at IIAM, the Mozambican Agricultural Research Institute where I learned Many things related to agriculture.

Today I work in Malema as an agricultural technician in the buffer zone of the Gilé National Reserve for the Agrisud project.

The management consulting training was very good, very enjoyable and a good experience for me because it was the first time I participated in such training on small farms. I am very happy because it will help me a lot on the field to convince producers and advise them.

I especially learned during this training that it was very important to advise the producer int the three stages of production of his plot. We must advise him at the opening of the parcel, during the preparation, we must then advise him when the culture is in place, and also postharvest regarding the state of the market, price…

So I really learned a lot and I would have more motivation to pass on this knowledge. That is why I would like to thank the team very much for this experience and for the program, and I would like to have a new training session later to share with us other experiences because we learned a lot from this training and even if the project is now being completed, we can continue to use what we have seen with the producers.

So I’m going to put into practice what I’ve learned and I’m sure it will help me to get better results on the field.”

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