Local Economy against Poverty

Ivens Ambrósio, agricultural support technician from the periphery of the Gilé National Reserve, Mozambique.
conseil de gestion agricole mozambique

“My name is Ivens Luciano Ambrósio. I am from Quelimane and I did the agricultural and livestock curriculum of the district of Gurué in Zambézia. I graduated from school in 2015. I worked on a research project on vegetable production according to the agro-ecological environment in Gurué and then worked on the optimization of fertilizers. Now I work at Etc Terra on the Mozbio project. I am the agricultural support technician of the Namurrua community in the buffer zone of the reserve in Gilé district.
We have followed a training course held in Nabúri during which we learned about technical consulting and farm management. We saw that in order to understand the functioning of a farm, it is important to consider the relationship between the farm and the environment. We also saw that the farm is a business which combines factors of production in order to generate products for sale, and contribute to the economic development of society. There is a diversity of businesses, but those that concern us are mostly very small businesses, although there are larger ones.
Personally, the training was very interesting and allowed me to strengthen my knowledge of small farm management, based on a single farmer or a larger business. This is the first time I have ever had such training. I think that what I learned this week in Nabúri will change my way of doing things on the field in Namurrua. So I want to thank the team for this opportunity, I am very satisfied.”

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