Local Economy against Poverty

Mohamed Ait Ben Hammou, ORMVAO technical adviser on the project of Sustainable improvement of the agricultural sector performances in Ghassate (Morocco)
Témoignage de Mohamed Ait Ben Hammou, conseiller technique de l'ORMVAO (Maroc)

“As an employee of ORMVAO, an Agrisud International’s partner for more than 10 years, I am honored to testify on the training session « Management Advice » that I attended to recently.

It has been very intense and very rich.

In addition to the great atmosphere and good relations among group members, representing different actors of the development sector, and also with the two animators, Elphège and Sylvain, the pedagogy was very practical with role-playing which could have been real situations in a variety of VSEs contexts.

So, this way of teaching managed to keep my attention focus without any exception during the whole session as all the subjects concerned by this training were important and deserve to be retained.

The guide is a very precious tool. Currently, I use it to support and meet the expectations of VSEs to which I provide technical and economic support.

I am ready to participate in future sessions. I wish even more success to our partnership to keep the « common denominator » which is none other than sustainable development, and ensuring the success of family farming and the persistent smiles of poor families all over the world.”