Local Economy against Poverty

Kifukidi Michel, pigs breeder of Nsundi Nzadi, Bas-Congo, DR Congo
Michel Kifukidi, éleveur de porcs de Nsundi Nzadi, Bas-Congo, RD Congo

“Since the project has took place in the area, I have learned a lot and improved the management of my breeding. I became aware of the importance of building a pigsty and using feeders. Previously, my animals were outside, straying. They are now under confinement and I feed them by bringing complementary foods made with local ingredients. Like this, I could improve my income and this year I did not struggle to pay my children’s school fees.”

“I sold a pork for $ 200 and with that money I solved my household problems and renewed my livestock. If I had to cover this amount with my agricultural activity, I should have sold 18 bags of foufou harvested on 1 or 2 fields. My sales have also attracted interest in the area and now many people want to get into the business.”