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Mahavotra III : Forestry, Agroforestry and Land-Use Planning – Itasy Region

Mahavotra 3 : foresterie, agroforesterie et aménagement du territoire, région Itasy, Madagascar


The Itasy region where the project operates is marked by its agricultural vocation and the proximity of the capital, which allows producers to benefit from numerous outlets. Despite everything, this sector is faced with several problems, including: high volatility in the prices of market garden products linked to production systems centered on rice cultivation; unstable business relationships due to opportunistic and individualistic behavior; and a vulnerability of the natural environment which manifests itself in particular by significant erosion phenomena and therefore a loss of cultivable land.

It is in this context that since 2008 Agrisud International has been supporting the Itasy Region in identifying and implementing solutions to these problems. A collaboration which is part of the Aquitaine-Itasy decentralized cooperation, mobilizing co-financing from AFD and which led to the completion of a 1st phase of the Mahavotra project from 2011 to 2015 then a 2nd phase from 2015 to 2019 continues today with this 3rd phase (2019-2020), integrated into the AGRITER program.

Project's goals

The project aims to develop agriculture through a global restoration of the agro-ecological environment, made possible through the mobilization and strengthening of a local network of service providers and the development of developed land. It also acts to improve the added value of agricultural production by supporting the CRFPA's incubator of agro-processing companies. It incorporates a strengthening of local authorities in their planning and territorial management capacities, so that they can guide regional development actors, in particular by relaying actions to leverage the service system reinforced by the project.

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Agricultural and rural training in Itasy

Formation agricole et rurale en ItasyMore than ever, agriculture is at the heart of the development challenges of Itasy, due to climatic and demographic risks, the weight of political uncertainty on the socio-economic context, and the difficulty of institutions facing the problems food security, education and professional integration.

Since 2012, actions in the field of Agricultural and Rural Training (FAR) have been deployed within the framework of national public policies. It is therefore now a question of supporting their implementation at the level of the Itasy Region, both within institutions and training establishments.

To do so, Agrisud, the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region, the Itasy Region and their partners act at several levels: training, institutional support and capacity building among others.

The project is structured around three axes and meets the following specific objectives:

  • strengthening the institutional base and the partnership mechanism for Agricultural and Rural Training (FAR);
  • establishment of the Regional Center for Professional Agricultural Training (CRFPA) in the territory as a pilot tool for the development of sustainable agriculture;
  • support for the integration of agricultural and rural training into public education in the Itasy Region.

By its multi-stakeholder dimension and its location in a region with a high stake in rural development, this project aims to be a source of inspiration for Malagasy national policies.

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Supporting economical, nutritional and food resilience of vulnerable rural families – ARENA Itasy Region

Appui à la Résilience Économique, Nutritionnelle et Alimentaire des familles rurales vulnérables - ARENA Région ItasyIn the Itasy region, measures to fight the spread of Covid-19 pandemic caused major disruptions to the running of farms and agricultural chains, which increased the food insecurity in specific areas and affected the income of rural households.

To face this situation, the ARENA project aims to sustainably reinforce the economical, nutritional and food resilience of the most vulnerable families who suffer malnutrition. It hinges on 3 actions:

  • the short-term revival of production capacities of the families impacted by the crisis due to Covid-19
  • the reinforcement of skills to allow these families to sustainably produce a healthy and diversified nutrition
  • the support of families to design collective strategies to reduce malnutrition and increase their resilience to crisis


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Learning cycle promoting agroecological practices


Agrisud has a constant focus on boosting the action capacities of NGOs, organizations, professional groups, and also those of its own projects’ teams. Transfers of skills are made via « learning cycles ».

Promoting agroecological practices

Based on the “Agroecology in Practice” guide (Agrisud, 2010), this course helps participants learn these practices. 
It is based on transferring methods and tools to:

  • Understand agroecology and its economic, social and environmental dimensions;
  • Understand the sustainable management of a farming system;
  • Analyze the context of operation and identify the appropriate 
agroecological practices;
  • Be able to spread these practices.

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Professionalzing family agriculture ine the oases of Zagora, Tinghir and Ouarzazate

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Improving services to olive oil producers in Ouled Massaoud – Touiza project

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Fruit farming professionalization (phase 6) and securing access to water – Asni

Madeleine Caillard

Madeleine Caillard

In Asni’s farming valley (50km from Marrakech), the weather is quite good to fruit growing. However, there are two constraints: not enough information or training on orchard management and bad valuation of products on the market. As the farmers’ incomes are decreasing they often have to migrate or have another activity. Agrisud is leading this project with its Moroccan partner, the Norsys Foundation and support from the Club Med. The goal is to professionalize the farmers and their grouping.

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Livestock rearing good proctice guide for southern Morocco

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Tamount Project in Southern Morocco: Professional organization for sustainable farming

119-MAROCThe oasis area has been victim of climatic upheaval therefore the goal of this project is to support the professional organization of sustainable family farming in Southern Morocco (Ouarzazate, Zagora and Tinghir).

More specifically, it should reinforce the capacity of 135 family farms to implement their activities and help 7 professional groups to secure and develop agricultural activities (support services and integrate industries).

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Sustainable enhancement of the farming sector performances (phase 2) – Ghassate

Amélioration durable 
 des performances du secteur agricole 
 (phase 2), Ghassate - maroc

Agroecology and energy complex

Soon after the installation of its Ouarzazate solar energy complex in Ghassate, MASEN sought for Agrisud’s support in order to help build momentum for sustainable economic growth in favour of the local community.

In cooperation with ORMVAO and the Norsys Foundation, pilot actions were launched in mid 2014. Their main goal was the professionalisation of family farms in various zones of Ghassate. The method used encouraged the dissemination of knowledge towards other farms.

Within 2 years, 119 families adopted better practices in vegetable and fruit cultivation as well as in small animal farming. New commercial sectors were explored, revenues increased and business dynamics was created.

The expansion phase started for 350 VSB on November 1st in 2016.

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