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Sun pump installations for vegetable farming – Cap Skirring


In Cap Skirring, agriculture remains little developed compare to the high demand of the tourism sector for fruit and vegetables.

Implemented in this region since 2009, the project aims to develop agricultural VSBs to improve the local supply of fresh produce to the Club Med Village and local markets. Since then, around 170 families deliver more than 10 tons of a large variety of vegetables each year, for a turnover of more than € 10,000.

In 2014, in order to maintain these results, a project was initiated to install solar pumps in the gardens in order to guarantee access to safe and efficient irrigation water during the dry season.

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Promotion of local supply chains on the island of Djerba


On the island of Djerba, family farms are weakened by a number of constraints. Agrisud has been supporting them since 2012 in partnership with the Club Med.

There are two goals to this project: to introduce new agricultural practices to secure, diversify and enhance productions and also to increase the value of products in local supply chains to generate satisfactory income.

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