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Mahavotra III : Forestry, Agroforestry and Land-Use Planning – Itasy Region

Mahavotra 3 : foresterie, agroforesterie et aménagement du territoire, région Itasy, Madagascar


The Itasy region where the project operates is marked by its agricultural vocation and the proximity of the capital, which allows producers to benefit from numerous outlets. Despite everything, this sector is faced with several problems, including: high volatility in the prices of market garden products linked to production systems centered on rice cultivation; unstable business relationships due to opportunistic and individualistic behavior; and a vulnerability of the natural environment which manifests itself in particular by significant erosion phenomena and therefore a loss of cultivable land.

It is in this context that since 2008 Agrisud International has been supporting the Itasy Region in identifying and implementing solutions to these problems. A collaboration which is part of the Aquitaine-Itasy decentralized cooperation, mobilizing co-financing from AFD and which led to the completion of a 1st phase of the Mahavotra project from 2011 to 2015 then a 2nd phase from 2015 to 2019 continues today with this 3rd phase (2019-2020), integrated into the AGRITER program.

Project's goals

The project aims to develop agriculture through a global restoration of the agro-ecological environment, made possible through the mobilization and strengthening of a local network of service providers and the development of developed land. It also acts to improve the added value of agricultural production by supporting the CRFPA's incubator of agro-processing companies. It incorporates a strengthening of local authorities in their planning and territorial management capacities, so that they can guide regional development actors, in particular by relaying actions to leverage the service system reinforced by the project.

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