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Forestry and agroecology in mountainous area of Northern Laos (FORAE II) – Luang Prabang Province

Foresterie et agro-écologie en zone de montagne au Nord-Laos, Province de Luang Prabang, Laos

The FORAE II project is part of the AGRITER multi-country program. It supports 30 villages of the District of Viengkham: 20 target villages of FORAE I - including 6 model villages and 10 new villages.

The project's objectives :

General objective: Strengthen the economic and social dynamics carried by the actors of the territories to promote sustainable family farming.

Specific objectives :

Strengthen regional players and create the conditions for sustainable development.
Support the agroecological transition of family farming and the structuring of value chains.
Carry out environmental education actions for the sustainable preservation of the territory.


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