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Better farming and better food: Agrisud shares its solutions at ALIMENTERRE

From October 15th to November 30rd will take place the ALIMENTERRE Festival, coordinated by the Comité Français pour la Solidarité Internationale (CFSI) of which Agrisud is a member. Each year, this festival aims to raise citizens’ awareness of agricultural and food issues, in France and around the world, and to promote sustainable and fair food systems.

Today’s crisis highlight the vulnerability of our food systems. However, solutions exist to produce and consume sustainably, it is high time to consider them and to take action individually!

Therefore, Agrisud takes advantage of the festival to raise awareness of these issues among young people and consumers through:

  • 4 screenings-debates in universities and professional schools in Haiti, Senegal, Morocco and Madagascar.
  • 2 events: a photo exhibition in Vietnam and a cooking competition in Cambodia.

Find out more about the events organized by Agrisud

These events will be based on the analysis conducted by Agrisud in recent months linked with the Covid-19 crisis, and on the solutions it promotes to transform the food and agricultural systems: family farming based on agroecology, responsible value chains and multi-stakeholder mobilization in favor of territorial development.

See the Alimenterre 2020 events map