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Sustainable Solutions from the 4th International Conference on Global Food Security

At the end of 2020, the international scientific community issued a declaration which will be displayed at the United Nations Summit of 2021 on food systems. Several key points from this declaration echo Agrisud’s position.

One of the major developments from these interactions is undoubtedly the evolution of the debate on food security towards food systems,in order to give a higher importance to the quality of nutrition, food habits and the impact on the environment and the health. Considering these challenges globally requires a muti-players approach. The event which took place on February, 4th gathering scientists and politics is a perfect illustration. The cooperation and the involvement of all the operators of the territory appear to be levers to transform food systems and to carry out change at different scales.

However, for this collective dialogue to produce more resilient and sustainable food systems, we need to free ourselves from pre-conceived ideas, or instance on correlations between production, productivity, nutrition… Accordingly, reconsidering family agriculture with all the possibilities it offers, appears to be the cornerstone of the food systems of tomorrow. We must add to that the appreciation of complementarity between the different levels of distribution, from local to international, in order to build food supply channels based on fair and sustainable chains.

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