Local Economy against Poverty

09/28/2012 inAgrisud’s
Agrisud Meetings

“Agrisud Meetings” have gather key executives and partners in charge of operations in our 15countries of operation.from September 10 to 15.

These meetings were an opportunity to celebrate two events:

20 years Agrisud :



8 years of partnership with the Region Aquitaine :


On this occasion, the Aquitaine Region organizedan evening September 13 ”Undertake against poverty and food insecurity: 4 continents, 6countries, 8 years of partnership,” whichpresented a photo exhibition operations conductedAgrisud partnership with the Region of Aquitaine in 6 countries: Haiti, Madagascar, Morocco, Niger,Cambodia and France (Medoc).

The evening also combined a fresh perspective on the theme “sustainable food and Territories”, andsigned a letter of intent by Alain Rousset, President of Aquitaine Regional Council, and Robert Leo,president Agrisud which act strengthening the partnership between the Region Aquitaine andAgrisud.