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09/10/2014 inAgrisud’s, Illustrate
“Agrisud’s meetings”, September 2014

Agrisud’s Meetings took place, once again, in the Lassijan Estate in Frontenac, where it was also born 22 years ago. 50 executives representing 14 countries, administrators and Agrisud partners got together from the 1st to the 5th of September.Rencontres 2014_2

It was the opportunity for Agrisud’s teams to share experiences, skills and information all through the week: appropriation of know-how and useful tools for our projects, exchanges on works in progress. The week’s highlight was the launch of the “Medoc Hive” Project, an incubator of small truck farming enterprises.

After a friendly week spent in good spirits, teams went back to their respective fields, taking with them a share of the (renewable!) energy produced by the “Agrisud collective”.