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12/19/2018 inField news, Illustrate
“Guindo-mets, cooking with agroecology” in Morocco

Agrisud International and the Norsys Foundation organized in Marrakech, Friday December 14th 2018, the 1st edition of “Guindo-mets, cooking with agroecology” to bring together responsible producers and consumers.

“Guindo” refers to the name of the agroecological producers of the Marrakech palm grove. The word “mets”, refers to the courses made from their products.

A cooking contest to educate future-chefs to “healthy cooking” with agroecological products

“cuisiner sain” avec des produits agro-écologiques à Marrakech

This event put the future-chefs of Marrakech’s hotels in competition on the theme of “Tradition and Innovation”.

Four student teams from ISTAHT and UPM hotel schools confronted each other. They had to cook 2 recipes, one based on cardoon, traditional vegetable of the palm grove and the other recipe with round radish, a recently introduced vegetable.

Un concours de cuisine pour sensibiliser les futurs chefs à Marrakech

The dishes were cooked under the watchful eye of the jury, composed of 3 chefs from Marrakech: Chef David Salvi from Club Med Palmeraie, Chef Younes Mamdouh from Hapimag Resort Marrakech and Said Mkhallef from La Sultana Marrakech. Mr. Marzouki, representative of the Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Tourism of Marrakech-Safi chaired the jury. 

An invitation to discover the new face of agriculture in the Marrakech palm grove

guindo-cooperative-producteurs-agroecologie-palmeraie-de-marrakechFarmers, hotel representatives and local authorities, attended this event which was also an opportunity to present the new face of agriculture in the palm grove. A family and ecological farming,adapted to the climate and conditions of this region.

During the competition, the farmers showed around the farm to the participants and explained the different agroecological practices implemented. They also presented their organization and brand “Guindo”.

The morning ended with the closing of the competition and prize giving.

Remise des prix du concours de cuisine à base de produits agro-écologique, à Marrakech
In addition to creating links between tourism and agriculture sectors in the palm grove, this first edition of Guindo-mets was an opportunity:

  • for future-chefs students and hotels to be aware of sustainable and responsible consumption as well as the use of healthy and local products.
  • for farmers to showcase their activity and discover unusual uses of their agroecological products.

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