Local Economy against Poverty

2013 Agrisud Annual Report is online !

The 2013 Agrisud activity report is online. You will be able to find key data about our activities and a description of our various field operations.

In 2013, with the support of their partners in the field, Agrisud led 42 development programs in 18 countries: 3,600 new family farms were launched, bringing to 41,000 the number of very small enterprises (VSEs) created since 1992. For the single year 2013, the VSEs produced 252,000 tons of food and generated 58 million Euros in net income for families.

Economic effects are visible, families’ and local markets’ food security has improved. Social effects are particularly important to Agrisud: these 41,000 VSEs represent 145,000 sustainable jobs and allowed 387,500 persons to go from poverty to self-sufficiency. Environmental effects are also more important each year. Thanks to an appropriation of agroecological practices, these VSEs have limited the damages on natural resources and reduced the emission of greenhouse gases, 12,300 tons of carbon were sequestered.

Transfer of best practices was facilitated by Agroecology learning cycles and project management conducted in Sao Tome, Benin, DR Congo, Cambodia, Gabon and Madagascar for the benefit of 123 new organizations. They joined a network of 333 NGOs and associations, all strengthened in their capacity for action.

With the support of our financial partners, Agrisud’s consolidated budget reached € 7,000,000, 83% from public funds and 17% from private funds. Our budget is still balanced in 2013.

During 2013 we continued to commit to vulnerable populations and to deploy our distinctive know-how which has impacted key phenomena for human development: malnutrition, environmental degradation, deforestation …

Every day and everywhere, our teams reaffirm our commitment: local economy against poverty.