Local Economy against Poverty

07/18/2019 inField news, Illustrate
Agroecology is making its way to Guinea Bissau!

Since 2015 Agrisud, which is commissioned by Swissaid, has supported the establishment of a local agroecology skills center in Guinea Bissau.

After a 1st stage focusing on strengthening agroecological practices with farmers, a 2nd stage is currently underway to expand agroecology to a wider audience.


A local skills center to promote agroecology from farmers to decision-makers

In Bissau, the cluster of local skills in agroecology has 3 objectives:

  • To promote agroecological practices among farmers at the national level
  • To advocate for agroecology with decision-makers
  • To raise awareness about socially responsible consumption

First, Agrisud supported the skills center team through concrete cases of market gardening activities and the formalization of tools. From now on, they work on promoting agroecology more widely.

Last April, a training session about knowledge formalization, communication and advocacy was held to pass down methods and tools to the members of the skills center.

Practical workshops helped to develop concrete actions such as: knowledge formalization tools, a communication plan, an advocacy strategy and the preparation of a national event.

Session de formation pour élargir la diffusion de l'agroé-cologie en Guinée BissauThus, Agrisud take part in the promotion of agroecology in Guinea Bissau through steady support and by passing on skills to local stakeholders. Adaptation to the context and needs, sharing of expertise and experiences are the key factors for success.