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02/23/2014 inField news, Illustrate
The Medoc Hive: a multiple innovation

In December 2013, Agrisud launched its first crowdfunding on Kisskissbankbank’s platform, in order to support the Medoc Hive, a future incubator of small horticultural businesses. A crowdfunding is a collaborative way of financing projects through the mobilization of social networks. The success of this first campaign reminds us, once again, how much Agrisud’s project responds to a social and societal demand. It was a first for the NGO and will definitely not be the last!

Agrisud has created a support device for very small enterprises thanks to the knowledge and tools developed in the South. It is around this same support device that local actors, who are also the Medoc Hive’s partners, have mobilized. This is another innovation, a reverse innovation! The professionalization process developed in the South has become a methodological framework for the collaboration between different technical and entrepreneurship support structures. Blanquefort’s Departmental Agricultural Training Centre, the Management Stores, the Agricultural Chamber and Agrobio Gironde have got into the project alongside Agrisud. Romain, one of the area’s truckfarmers, will also associate to the Medoc Hive in order to teach the new comers. While working, he will follow and support the Medoc Hive’s project leaders, providing a caring tutoring.

Therefore, in spring, just like bees, the Medoc Hive will awaken.