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Joël Lebreton, Agrisud’s new chairman

In recent months, the Board of Directors and the management team have been working on our Association perspectives and the evolution of our organization and governance. Therefore, during the meeting of June 20th, 2019, the Board approved Robert Lion recommendation to pass on, in the autumn, the chairmanship to Joël Lebreton.

The circumstances of Robert Lion sudden death led Joël Lebreton to take this chairmanship during the Board of Directors meeting of September 19th.

Beyond the exceptional circumstances, this appointment is fully in line with the action taken by the Board and the Agrisud teams.


Nouveau président d'Agrisud : Joël LebretonJoel Lebreton in a few words…

With a background in mining engineering, he has spent his whole professional career in urban development and the transportation sector.

In the 80/90s, he was among those who promoted and renewed the tramway in France as a dedicated tool for sustainable mobility policies, for the benefit of more humane cities. In 1990, he started TRANSDEV which became a major public transport operator. For 7 years now, he has been Chairman of the KEOLIS Supervisory Board, one of the world leaders in the management of public transport systems, operating across the five continents.

At the same time, he has always been involved in non-profit organizations of various sectors, in solidarity and development organizations: Doctors of the World (humanitarian), Help and Action (education), Trust Charter Committee (ethics) ), Habitat and Humanism (housing) and Agrisud International.

He has always found that the interaction between the business world (the rigor of strategic analysis and management) and NGOs world (the strength of a project) was extremely fruitful and these two hubs have always inspired his action. This is why he joined in 2014, as an administrator, Agrisud International: “the NGO that creates companies”.