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To intervene at the territorial level for sustainable agriculture: a guide to take action!

The new Agrisud International guide “Agriculture and Dynamics of the territories” has just been published. It presents the knowledge acquired on the territorial approach in the agricultural sector. The double goal of this guide is to equip the stakeholders in the field and to provide guidance for decision-makers.


Sustainable agriculture is not just about farms!

Improving the performance of agricultural systems and the living conditions of producers are often approached from the perspective of farm-centered support. But this is not enough !

Acting on the farm environment, in its political, economic and geographical dimensions is also decisive for the agro-ecological transition to take place at the territorial level.

The role of public authorities, local authorities, the private sector or associations is therefore just as important in this transition.

Intervening for sustainable agriculture at the territorial level: keys to act!

On the basis of more than 25 years of experience in strengthening the socio-economic dynamics of territories, Agrisud International has undertaken capitalization work which has resulted in the production of the guide “Agriculture and Dynamics of the territories”.

It is organized in method sheets and tool sheets, illustrated with concrete cases, and it is intended for all those who consider that sustainable agriculture is not just about farms but indeed a work to carry out at the scale of territories.

This guide is developed as part of the multi-country programme AGRITER (Sustainable Agriculture and Territorial Dynamics) which covers 10 countries in Africa, Asia and South America-Caribbean and which is supported by the Agency Française de Développement and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region.

Accompanying the development of farms in their agro-ecological transition

3 guides pratiques et méthodologiques d'AgrisudThis guide is an educational and practical tool which is the basis of training cycles carried out by Agrisud International. It complements 2 other guides “Agroecology, best practices” (Agrisud, 2010 Edition) and “Management advising to very small family farming enterprises – VSEs” (Agrisud, 2019 Edition) which present tools and methods to intervene at family farms level, taking into account interactions with their environment.




Read or Download free of charge the guide “Agriculture and Dynamics of the territories” (PDF format) – English version (French version)

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