Local Economy against Poverty

02/24/2014 inField news, Illustrate
Haiti : Despite the drought, local NGOs fight against the erosion of their mountain

Some of Agrisud’s Haitian partners since 2011, organizations such as IPAP, OJDA and GPBB, have proved to be essential actors in the local development. Each of them gather about 50 to 70 members in the Peletan, Acul Jeannot and Bory areas. Those are three priority areas targeted by town halls to establish food security and fight against poverty programs. Thanks to the project, supported by the Aquitaine Region and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they have mobilized their members to fight against erosion, construct and manage the cassava processing units and establish technical support services and seed supply.

newshaiti02It is on this basis that the “Program for Sustainable Planning for Limbé’s Watershed” was launched at the end of 2013 with the AFD and the Aquitaine Region’s funding. This 3 year program will enable organizations to lay out units on a significant scale. In total, 600 growers will be reinforced, 400 ha will go through improvements and 140 000 trees will be planted.

The improvement of those areas includes: vegetated erosion-control structures, reforestation, green fences, agro-forestry practices, agro-ecological practices for cassava, corn, peas and yam productions, and also laying out water sources and springs for human use and irrigation.

Despite this year’s severe drought, tree nurseries are up and will allow the plantation of at least 40 000 trees as soon as the raining season starts. The first 200 growers will be accompanied in the sustainable improvement of their faming conditions.