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The photo exhibition titled “Sustainable food system in the Hoàng Liên National Park” aims to raise awareness among local stakeholders about the challenges of sustainable consumption.

Shown on the 29th of October of 2020, this exhibition is the first highlight of a series of events organized by Agrisud as part of the ALIMENTERRE international Festival.


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Promoting local expertise and raising awareness.

alimenterre-2020-evenement-vietnam-cooperative-hoang-lienA hundred people, mainly farmers, representatives of local authorities and associations, attended the opening ceremony of the Hoàng Liên Cooperative which gathers honey and Jiaogulan producers.

At the same time, they were able to discover many photographs showing the work of the cooperative :

  • Strengthening agro-ecological practices, in order to improve the production and to preserve the park’s natural resources
  • Sharing knowledge and know-how about good agroecological practices in order to develop a sustainable agriculture
  • Collaborating through a participative approach, in order to promote the economic development of small farms and to strengthen their presence on local markets
  • Implementing procedures, in order to ensure the nutritional quality of local products to consumers
  • Creating responsible marketing chains
  • Supporting the empowerment of female producers



Sustainable food system : everyone is concerned !

alimenterre-2020-expo-photo-vietnam-agrisud-internationalProducing and consuming in a sustainable way requires the involvement of all stakeholders in the territory. Each at their own scale has a role to play. Among those who attended the opening of the photo exhibition :

  • the producers,through their choice of crops and agricultural practices;
  • the local authorities,by supporting producers’ cooperatives and facilitating their access to local markets;
  • the national park,by supporting environmentally friendly practices;
  • the consumers,by buying healthy and local products with low ecological impact.

Besides its agricultural activities, the Hoàng Liên Cooperative wishes to expand its role by raising awareness among park’s visitors and local consumers to sustainable agriculture. This is an action mainly oriented on beekeeping because of its importance in the preservation of natural resources.

This photo exhibition was displayed in front of the Cooperative’s shop for more than a week. Passers-by were able to learn more about the impact of their consumption.

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