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ALIMENTERRE Festival > Senegal / Food sovereignty and upgrading of agricultural jobs

A screening-debate on the film titled Semer, Récolter, Résister, selected for the Edition 2020 of the ALIMENTERRE Festival, took place on November 17th, 2020 at the Professional Training Center of Diourbel (PTCD) in collaboration with Agrisud and the Cooperation and Rural Concertation National Committee (CRCNC).

This event intended for the PTCD trainees aroused exchanges and thoughts on food sovereignty and appreciation of agricultural jobs in Senegal.

It is the second highlight of Agrisud’s participation to the ALIMENTERRE Festival.


Local consuming : a challenge for Senegal’s food sovereignty

More than a hundred of young students and teachers participated with interest and dynamism to the debate which followed the screening of the documentary film.

intervenants-production-locale-métiers-agricolesSpeakers highlighted Senegalese’ dependence to imported products, at the expense of local production. The film titled “Semer, Récolter, Résister” gave a perfect example with the mention of bread produced on the basis of imported wheat.

Exchanges dealt with the role one can play to promote local goods, such as changing his/her consumption habits. According to Ousseynou Dieng, Assistant Project Manager of monitoring-evaluation at Agrisud, “valuing local products also goes through processing agricultural products”.

In order to develop sustainable food systems in Senegal, the challenge is to ensure the collaboration between different territorial stakeholders. For example, as mentioned by Ibrahima Fall, Festival ALIMENTERRE Focal Point (CRCNC), “the policy-makers are essential to promote local production and so are the agricultural experts in order to develop responsible value chains”

Agricultural sector: many job opportunities for young Senegalese

Senegal’s Food sovereigntydepends on maintaining a family farming, that is local and productiv, especially at an economic level. Current and future agricultural professionals have an important role to play!

Young people need to be trained to improve their skills and their knowledge and achieve the agroecological transition. This transfer of knowledge and know-how is made possible thanks to specialized trainings and support until their professional integration, as proposed by PTCD.

Generally speaking, the job market is not easy for young Senegalese.“This high demand can be satisfiedby the agricultural sector, thanks to the jobs diversity provided and the value-chains which are to develop.”, specified Louis-Etienne Diouf, country representative at Agrisud.


During this screening-debate, speakers aimed to extend the students’ vision on the agricultural jobs for which they are trained. They also intended to raise awareness among them on the role they have to play to promote local production and sustainable food systems.

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