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As a part of the ALIMENTERRE Festival, Agrisud and the Norsys Foundation organized on November 23rd 2020, a videoconference with students from the French agricultural high school Bonne Terre, based in Pézenas.

Exchanges on the film« Le système alimentaire de Fès » focused on Morrocan farming and the solutions implemented to promote sustainable food systems.

This virtual meeting follows the educational day which took place in 2019 in Morocco on the topic of sustainable agriculture.


Discovering farming of another country in order to understand the challenges of food systems

Imane Taaime, Director of the Norsys Foundation, exposed the different types of farming which coexist in her country. It aroused curiosity among students, who were especially intrigued by the experiences of sustainable farming in oasian environment, which can limit the production.

Her colleague, Nisrine Lamine, insisted on the major role of family farming which ensures income for 80% of rural population in Morocco. Thanks to the example of Ghassate, the students became aware of the issues that Moroccan producers are facing, such as the lack of training, a matter which moves them directly.

These concrete testimonies made them discover the solutions implemented toreinforce food systems’ sustainability:

  • working with the farms especially supporting farmers in setting-up agroecological practices in order to produce more and better, in a sustainable way;
  • working with the different stakeholdersfrom different territorial sectors to achieve collaborative actions that ensure a sustainable development;
  • working towards communitieswith awareness-raising activities on sustainable consumption for young people and citizens.


This meeting“raised the students’ desire to know more about the development actions carried out in Morocco” affirms Bernadette Pratviel, Deputy director at the Bonne Terre high school.

Exchanging on other realities contributes to change the vision of these future professionals on farming, whose features vary from one country to another. There are many solutions to achieve sustainable food systems but they must be connected to local realities.

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