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ALIMENTERRE Festival > Madagascar / Risks and resilience factors of food systems in the Itasy region

On December 1st, 2020, Agrisud and the University of Itasy organized a screening-debate on the films titled”Maîtres Exploitants : un réseau de prestataires agricoles de proximité” and “ L’agro-écologie pour les générations futures“. Exchanges with students concerned solutions to develop in order to reinforce the resilience and the sustainability of food systems.

This meeting marks the end of a series of events organised by Agrisud as a part of the 2020 edition of the ALIMENTERRE Festival.


Agro-ecology and multi-stakeholder collaboration to face the fragilities of food systems in the Itasy region.

The meeting was the opportunity to raise students’ awareness on thevulnerability of the food systems in their territory..

Lucile RASOAMANANA, Master farmer, explained the consequences of population growth on the use of natural resources combined with a high pressure which affects agriculture’s sustainability. Climate change (especially the delay of rains) causes a fall in quantity and quality of agricultural production. The health crisis of Covid-19 highlighted these fragilities by reducing the access to inputs and markets. The lack of training and synergies between the different local stakeholders were outlined.

To face these challenges, solutions exist ! It was the key message of the speakers:

  • Agro-ecology is one of the key responses. Several initiatives to encourage the agro-ecological transition are already implemented in the Itasy Region. The Master farmers project supported by Agrisud is one of them. It contributes to training the producers to agro-ecological practices. These master farmers then train “surrounding producers” and develop agricultural services called “convenience services” in the territory
  • Collaboration of all stakeholders from all sectors is another key response. For example, the support from political stakeholders is compulsory. During this meeting, the mayor of the rural town of Ampary, expressed his will to support the involvement of Master farmers in his town, in order to accelerate the agroecological transition of his territory.

agro-écologie-concertation-fragilités-systèmes-alimentairesThrough the courses it offers (agro-ecology, territory communication… ), the University of Itasy contributes to actively develop a sustainable agriculture adapted to the needs of the territory.

During the debate, the students ponder about their operational capacities once they graduate in agro-ecology. Many ongoing actions were communicated to them, such as the implementation of an educational plot and the welcome of students in the farms of Master farmers. The head of the University of Itasy also expressed his wish to “carry on these thoughts through regular meetings in order to identify concrete actions to be led by students so they can contribute to improving food systems in Itasy“.

Facing realities and challenges of their territory, young students became aware of the relevance of their training and the role they will have to play, once in their working life, to encourage the agro-ecological transition of their territory.

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