Local Economy against Poverty

Facing Covid-19, Agrisud teams remain mobilized and reorganize

This odd time that we are currently experiencing disrupts our usual activities in relation to this ever growing pandemic.
In this context, our action of international solidarity is more useful than ever because, beyond the health aspect, the economic and social impact will be highly significant.


A reorganization that takes into account the situation in each country

The 14 countries in which we operate are not spared, each at different levels. From Haiti to Vietnam via Senegal, Morocco or Madagascar, our teams are adapting to the situation. Our priority is given to the safety of all, staff and families beneficiaries, by recalling the health instructions, by respecting the local restriction measures and by anticipating remote working.

Constantly in touch with the head office, the teams reorganized to keep support remotely farms and to limit the impact of the crisis on their agricultural activities. However, some actions cannot be carried out within the time allowed. Until the resumption of activities, our side partners and sponsors will have to adapt to these constraints to not add to the difficulties.

Supporting agriculture: a key issue for everyone

In this global fight, farmers are like others on the front line. Therefore it is essential to keep on supporting them so that they can best cover the vital needs of the populations. Where we are, our mission is to stay as close to them as possible.

After the crisis will come the need for economic recovery and social support interventions. We must prepare for it now.

The unusual times we live in call each of us to an emergency of citizenship and solidarity. As for Agrisud and its teams, this crisis commits us even more to our mission and to stay alongside with the most vulnerable ones.