Local Economy against Poverty

L'agro-écologie pour nourrir le monde, fantasme ou réalité ?

Date: 6 June 2019
Time: 18 h 00 min  to  20 h 00 min


Can we feed 10 billion people with agro-ecology?

Agrisud International invites you to exchange with Marc Dufumier, honorary professor at AgroPari Tech and recognized expert in this field, and member of the strategic council of the Ministry of Agriculture.

As we wonder about the earth’s living ecosystem evolution, agriculture holds a special place. With a dominant mode of production that has become partly destructive and no longer meets its promises, agroecology provides its effectiveness in many contexts to a more or less extent. Will agroecology be able to answer to new challenges and with which capacity to feed 10 billion people?


Date: 24 May 2019
Time: 16 h 30 min  to  18 h 00 min

World Impact Summit à BordeauxThematic round table

From 4:30 pm to 6 pm

Which agriculture and food will feed 10 billion people by 2050?

Agrisud will share its 27 years of fight against poverty in 24 countries with actions that support family farming and sustainability.

Organizer: Solylend and its partners.


  • Yvonnick Huet, general director of Agrisud
  • Bruno Leménager, territorial director of the Atlantique-Dordogne delegation at Adour-Garonne Water Agency
  • Cécile Broutin, manager of the “Agricultural development and agri-food chains” program at CIRAD
  • Céline Pérodeaud, Head of West Africa Programs at IPES Food
  • Jean-Philippe Quérard, chairman of Pour une Agriculture du Vivant

Moderator: Benjamin Adler, journalist

Place: Place des Quinconces, Bordeaux

Program and registrations

Intervenant à la table ronde WIS2019

Date: 20 May 2019
Time: 0 h 00 min  to  0 h 00 min

4th world congress on agroforestry in France20 – 22 May 2019

Agroforestry: strengthening links between science, society and policies.

Agrisud attends this international event which aims to associate science and dialogue with society to assess the potential of agroforestry in order to ensure the agro-ecological transition of world agriculture. An International Union of Agroforestry will be created at the Congress, to federate agroforestry innovations on a global scale.

This event is under the high patronage of Mr Emmanuel MACRON, President of the French Republic,

Organizers: Cirad and l’Inra, in partnership with the World Agroforestry Centre, Agropolis International and Montpellier Université d’Excellence (I-SITE MUSE).

Program: Three days of plenary and parallel sessions (35 in total, with more than 300 papers), poster sessions, field trips, side events, cultural events for the general public, etc.

discussed subjects: 

  • Climate change
  • Fight against poverty / food security
  • Successes and failures of agroforestry
  • Desertification / land degradation / soil rehabilitation
  • Genetic resources
  • The kind in agroforestry
  • Public policies
  • Business / private sector / finance
  • Socio-economic dimensions of agroforestry

Public events will take place during the Agroforestry Week in Montpellier, including the World Congress.

Place: Le Corum Conference Centre, Montpellier – France

Discover all the sessions on the site of the event

Date: 30 November 2018
Time: 9 h 00 min  to  18 h 30 min

colloque : enjeux en matière d’alimentation durable et d’engagement solidairePresentation (stand)

From 12:00 to 1:00 pm

Experiences, projects and methods at the territorial level

As part of this event designed to promote agro-ecological transition, eco-development and sustainable agriculture in Morocco, Agrisud & its partner, the Norsys Foundation, will speak on the subject of sustainable agriculture and territorial dynamics.

This presentation will be illustrated by 2 projects in Ouarzazate and Marrakech.

Organizers: RIAM – Network of agro-ecological initiatives in Morocco in collaboration with Terre & Humanisme Morocco.
With the support of: Crédit Agricole Group Morocco, Heinrich Böll Stiftung Foundation, Hassan II Agronomic and Veterinary Institute

Speakers “territorial projects in Ouarzazate and Marrakech”

  • Elphège Ghestem-Zahir, Assistant Director of Operations, Agrisud International
  • Imane Taaime, Director, Norsys Foundation in Morocco

Place: Hassan II Agronomic and Veterinary InstituteI – Conference room
Madinat Al Irfane 10101- Rabat, MOROCCO.

Program (in French)

Inscription obligatoire

Date: 30 November 2018
Time: 9 h 30 min  to  18 h 00 min

colloque : enjeux en matière d’alimentation durable et d’engagement solidairePresentation (stand)

From 12:30 to 14:30

Presentation of the international cooperation programs of the Hauts-de-Seine Department

Acting for 10 years now in favor of a healthy food, produced under sustainable conditions in Armenia, Benin, Cambodia, and Haiti, the Hauts-de-Seine Department proposes to the actors of its territories in France to lead discussions in this direction.

Among the 4 exposed countries, Agrisud will present the project it is carrying out with the Hauts-de-Seine Department in CambodiaIADA project: Agro-ecological intensification and diversification of agriculture.

Organizers: Département des Hauts-de-Seine in partnership with Paris La Défense


  • Yvonnick Huet, General Manager, Agrisud International
  • Frédéric Apollin, General Manager, AVSF
  • Katia Roesch, Program Officer « Farming, Natural Resources and Climate Change », AVSF
  • Martine François, program Manager « Agriculture and sustainable food », Gret
  • Lucie Reynaud, Gret

Place: L’Alternatif – 9, voie de la Pyramide 92800 Puteaux

Learn more about the Event & the Program

Date: 16 October 2018
Time: 14 h 00 min  to  18 h 30 min

(Français) 20 ans du CARI au service de la lutte contre la désertification et la dégradation des terresRencontre débat

De 14h à 18h30

20 ans du CARI au service de la lutte contre la désertification et la dégradation des terres

“Quelle place de la société civile et quel rôle des autorités au Sud ?”

En présence, entre autres, de Monique Barbut, Secrétaire exécutive de la Convention des Nations-Unies sur la lutte contre la désertification et Xavier Sticker, Ambassadeur interministériel pour l’environnement.

Agrisud interviendra en 2e partie des rencontres dans le cadre de l’étude de cas sur la méthode Form’Action : un nouvel instrument au service des collectivités locales du Sud pour le développement des zones arides. Nous y présenterons les enjeux liés à la gestion durable des terres dans les territoires du Sud.

Organisateurs : le Centre d’actions et de réalisations internationales – CARI en collaboration avec le Groupe de Travail Désertification (GTD)
avec le soutien de l’AFD, du Ministère de l’Europe et des affaires étrangères et le Ministère de la transition écologique et solidaire

Animation :

  • Anne-Cécile Bras, journaliste et animatrice de l’émission « C’est pas du vent », RFI

Intervenants au débat :

  • Monique Barbut, Secrétaire exécutive de la Convention des Nations-Unies sur la lutte contre la désertification
  • Xavier Sticker, Ambassadeur interministériel pour l’environnement, France
  • Sylvestre Tiemtoré, Coordonateur du Secrétariat permanent des ONG (SPONG), Burkina Faso, membre du ReSaD
  • Nabil Ben Khatra, Coordinateur de programmes à l’Observatoire du Sahara et du Sahel (OSS), Tunisie
  • Patrice Burger, Président fondateur du CARI

Intervenants à l’étude de cas :

  • Sylvain Berton, Directeur des opérations, Agrisud International et administrateur du CARI
  • Adeline Derkimba, Co-directrice en charge des programmes désertification, CARI
  • Fama Touré, Chef de division suivi/évaluation de l’Agence régionale de développement de Louga au Sénégal

Lieu : Agence française de développement – AFD : 5, rue Roland Barthes 75012 Paris

Liens : 
Inscription OBLIGATOIRE – Date limite d’inscription : lundi 15 octobre à midi
En savoir plus l’événement

Date: 21 September 2018
Time: 14 h 00 min  to  17 h 00 min

Agriculture durable et dynamisation des territoiresWorkshop – debate

From 14:00 to 17:00

“Sustainable agriculture and revitalization of territories”

Agrisud and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region will present the program Mahavotra: forestry, agroforestry and land use planning in Itasy Region.

Set up in 2008, its effects are real in terms of: food security, employment and improvement of people’s living conditions, preservation and resilience of territories, …

The debate will discuss the right levers to strengthen, the dynamics brought by territories’ actors in the service of a sustainable family farming.

Organizers: Agrisud and Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Chairmen speech:

  • Alain Rousset, Chairman of Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine
  • Robert Lion, Chairman of Agrisud

Introduction / Mahavotra Presentation:

  • Sylvain Deffontaines, Representative of Agrisud in Madagascar
  • Andriamirajo Ramarofidy M., Manager of the Itasy program
  • Manon Damalix, Volunteer at the decentralized cooperation unit Nouvelle-Aquitaine in Itasy



  • Isabelle Boudineau, Vice President Europe-International, Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine
  • Yves Guicquero, Assistant to the Executive Director of the Strategy, Partnerships and Communications Branch, AFD
  • Guillaume Debrie, Special Advisor to the Deputy CEO, IRD
  • Jean-Jacques Ramaroson, Director of CRFPA – centre de formation professionnelle agricole d’Ilofosana en Itasy
  • Michel Ange Jean-Noël, Chairman of the haitian NGO GRADIMIRH
  • Elphège Ghestem, Assistant Director of Operations, Agrisud

Place: Hôtel de Région / 14, rue François-de-Sourdis – 33077 Bordeaux

Download the program (in french)

Learn more about the Cooperation Month Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region & Itasy Region

Free but registration is required:

Date: 4 September 2018
Time: 0 h 00 min  to  0 h 00 min

Exposition photo portraits paysans à Madagascar

From september 4th to october 31st 2018

Regional Council in Bordeaux – Poitiers – Limoges

“Portraits paysans : Vivre de sa terre à Madagascar” by Pierre-William Henry

Agrisud International and its swiss partner Centre Ecologique Albert Schweitzer asked photograph Pierre-William Henry to shoot portraits of people living in the Itasy Region (Madagascar) in order to illustrate their actions in the field alongside with the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region.

These farmers or artisans, as well as their families, are all involved in the project Mahavotra. It led them to agro-ecology and forestry to improve their living conditions, cope with climate change and, at the same time, reduce the carbon footprint of their activities.

“For over half a century, Pierre-William Henry has been caring for everyone he meets during his travels. [...] Through this universal language that is the photo, looks are exchanged and take root in the other for a brief moment or longer.” Nadja Hofmann

Discover 56 portraits by Pierre-William Henry:

  • September 4th – october 2nd 2018
    • Hôtel de Région (regional Council) in Bordeaux : 14 Rue François de Sourdis, 33000 Bordeaux
    • Maison de la Région (regional Council) in Poitiers : 15 Rue de l’Ancienne Comédie, 86000 Poitiers
  • October 15th – 31st 2018
    • Hôtel de Région (regional Council) in Limoges : 27 Boulevard de la Corderie, 87000 Limoges

Free entry

Date: 16 May 2018
Time: 0 h 00 min  to  0 h 00 min

70 ans de coopération scientifique de l'IRD à MadagascarRound Table #1

From 8:50 to 9:50

“Agroecology: Producing more and better”

Agrisud will discuss its actions to pass on agroecological practices and its experience on agroecology in development.

Tantely Razafimbelo,
director of Laboratoire des Radio Isotopes, Antananarivo University

Introductory statement:
Lala Razafinjara,
 General manager of FOFIFA


  • Charlotte Ralison, director of LABASAN, Antananarivo University
  • Christiane Rakotomalala, assistant representative of the NGO Gret
  • Tovonarivo Rafolisy, scientific researcher at Laboratoire des Radio Isotopes, Antananarivo University
  • Mbolarinosy Rasoafalimanana, scientific researcher at FOFIFA
  • Paulo Salgado, scientific researcher at CIRAD, in partnership with SPAD
  • Jean Trap et Alain Albrecht, scientific researcher at IRD/UMR Eco&Sols
  • Sylvain Deffontaines, Agrisud Representative in Madagascar, NGO Agrisud
  • Jean-Michel Mortillaro, scientific researcher, in partnership with SPAD and UMR IRD ISEM



Round Table #3 

From 11:20 to 12:30

“Agriculture in the agenda of solutions: climate & changes’ impact, land degradation, biodiversity conservation”

The Agrisud intervention concern the tracks for a large-scale development of agroecological practices and actions to be carried out.

Tantely Razafimbelo, director of Laboratoire des Radio Isotopes, Antananarivo University

Introductory statement:
Jean-Luc Chotte,
 Mission Director for the promotion of interdisciplinary and intersectoral approach to IRD


  • Nivohary Ramaroson, Director of the National Climate Change Coordination Office – Ministry of the Environment of Ecology and Forests
  • Michelle Andriamahazo, environment and climate change service – Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock
  • Razakamanarivo Herintsitohaina, scientific researcher at Laboratoire des Radio Isotopes, Université d’Antananarivo
  • Jérôme Bertrand-Hardy, AFD Director in Antananarivo
  • Hervé Saint-Macary, CIRAD regional Director
  • Sylvain Deffontaines, Agrisud Representative in Madagascar, NGO Agrisud



Place: National Malagasy Academy

More about the Event + Program

Date: 13 April 2018
Time: 9 h 00 min  to  17 h 30 min

Coopérer autrement en acteurs de changement - Séminaire InternationalFrom 9:00 am to 5:30 pm

As part of the first phase closing of its program Coopérer autrement en acteurs de changement (2014-2018), this seminar organized by the Comité Français pour la Solidarité Internationale aims to:

  • to make an assessment of the 9 innovative projects supported under the program;
  • open development perspectives for the second phase (2018-2021), with the intervention of multiple actors, from France and internationally.

Panel from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm

“Territories: reconfiguration place of actors roles”

Agrisud will speak at this round table where the following question will be asked: “What do we have in common?”

Organizers: CFSI
with the support of AFD and Fondation Abbé Pierre

Speakers (to confirm):

  • Hugo Bevort, Director of Territorial Strategies, CGET
  • Claire Boulanger, Head of territorial dynamics program, Fondation de France
  • Yvonnick Huet, General manager, Agrisud (confirmed)
  • Thomas Melonio, Director of Partnerships, AFD

Moderator (to confirm): ­Marc Lévy, Director of Foresight, Gret

Place: Agence Française de Développement : 5, rue Roland Barthes – 75012 Paris

Provisional Program and online registration (in french)

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