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11/01/2017 inAgrisud’s, Illustrate
Assessing agroecological practices: the progress of the GTAE

The GTAE (working group on agro-ecological transition), which associates Agrisud, AVSF, CARI and GRET, has just published an article on the progress of its work.

It is related to the results of the CALAO project (capitalization of stakeholders experiences for the development of resilient agroecological techniques in west Africa), implemented since the beginning of 2017 with the support of CEDEAO and AFD.

Key elements of the CALAO project

This project served as a “testing ground” to develop common method and tools for assessing agroecological practices. This approach is based on 3 aspects:

  •  the agro-environmental effects and impact of practices;
  • the socio-economic effects and impact of the practices;
  • the analysis of the brakes and levers for the integration of agroecological practices into production systems.

The goal is to develop simple and effective assessment solutions for field teams. Therefore, these methods and tools must be operational and efficient in order to be well adapted to local resources and constraints.

Results and project analysis

Following the progress report workshop and exchanges which took place in Dakar on October 18th and 19th, a summary report and a synopsis will be done.
>> To know more about the progression and key elements that emerged from this workshop in Dakar.

An international seminar to co-build references

December 14th and 15th 2017, an international seminar will be held in Paris. It is organized by the GTAE and co-fund by the AFD.
The experience and results of the CALAO project will be presented as well as other assessing methods implemented by various French or foreign organizations involved on this topic.

Based on these results and exchanges, attendees will co-build reference methodology and tools for the use of development managers. These capitalization materials will also contribute to the advocacy of agroecology with decision makers.